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Tips for Teachers

Maintaining Balance at School

In addition to teaching yoga, I was also both an elementary and a middle school teacher for a total of 15 years. As teachers we all know how stressful and demanding each day can be.  Yoga allowed me to find a sense of balance and calm in the hectic day-to-day activities of the elementary  and middle school classrooms.  I wanted to add a page just for teachers to my yoga website.  Here you will find some short stress relieving activities, wellness tips, and links for you and your students too!  Enjoy! 

Relieve Stress in a Moment

As a teacher of yoga and meditation I have learned so much about the importance of our breath.  A simple breathing exercise can calm the mind and body.  Here is one of my favorites. It is easy to follow and easy to remember:

1.  Sit or stand comfortably.  Lengthen your spine and allow your shoulders to drop away from your ears. 

2. Inhale through your nose, deep into your belly so it swells up like a balloon.  Count to five as you inhale. 

3. Pause for a count of two.

4.  Exhale out of your mouth for a count of seven.  ​

5. Repeat several times.  

Short Guided Meditations

The button below will lead you to some short guided meditations. Use them as a short break during your day or when you get home to separate yourself mentally from school. 

Yoga for Your Students

Do yourself a favor and get a free GoNoodle account.   Once you login, go the the Maximo channel. He is a monkey who teaches your students yoga and he is "fastastico"!  You will enjoy the calming breaks as much as your students will and listen closely he is quite funny.  A good laugh makes even the worst day a little bit better! 

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