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About Me ~ Johanna Davis


In 2004 I was drawn to yoga as I discovered its life changing and stress reducing benefits through my newly found practice.  Yoga became the gateway for me to find health, both physically and emotionally. In 2010, I graduated from the Always-At-Aum Yoga Teacher Training and became a certified 200 hour RYT  (Registered Yoga Teacher) and Yoga Ed Instructor. Since then I have completed my 500 hour RYT certification. I am also certified in Yoga Ed, SUP Yoga, and Reiki Levels 1 & 2.

I teach Vinyasa Yoga. Simply put Vinyasa Yoga links breath to movement while allowing each yoga pose to flow into the next. Classes are set to music and include a warm-up, standing series, balance postures, cool down, and end with a savasana or rest time. Vinyasa yoga raises the heart rate, strengthens the muscles, increases flexibility, and relives tension and stress. 

It is my strong belief that there is a yoga style for everyone regardless of fitness level, goals, or injuries. Yoga classes can be tailored to include calm meditation, breath work, restorative yoga, slow flow movements, high intensity sequences, strength training, and so much more. The role of yoga in a person’s life changes as their life journey changes. When I was first drawn to yoga, I craved the intense release of a powerful yoga class and the calm savasana that followed. At a time in my life when anxiety was extremely high, I came to my mat to breathe and be still. As a result of an injury my yoga practice changed once again and I chose to participate only in calm, mindful stretching and strengthening poses. It is my hope and my primary objective that my students will learn to incorporate yoga into their daily lives as a way to support them along life’s ever changing road. Nothing brings me more joy than watching my students find the moments of calm and release that yoga provides.

​Hiking, nutrition, cooking, traveling, and giving loving homes to rescued animals are just a few of my other hobbies.  I am also a registered Yoga Alliance instructor.  


Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist


​Yoga Ed Instructor

Reiki Level II

​SUP Yoga


"Johanna is the best yoga instructor! She has the most soothing voice & the atmosphere in her studio makes you relax & disconnect from the outside world for a bit! Her classes made me feel comfortable & she always asked what we wanted to work on! Johanna’s adjustments are wonderful, especially my shoulders! The best part is the end of her classes & essential oils! You come out of her class feeling rejuvenated & so relaxed!"


"Where to start, Johanna as an instructor made you feel comfortable, relaxed, she’s a hands on instructor who will guide you in every step of your class, I always felt rejuvenated after her class with a sense of well-being, her voice is calming and soothing while she conducts her class, I enjoyed the laughs and fun she also brings to the mat, you become part of a family in her classes."


"Johanna is one of the best yoga instructors around! When you are in her presence you immediately feel a sense of calm and peacefulness.
She has worked with elementary students teaching yoga and stress reduction for over a decade. She has worked side by side with me in girl empowerment groups teaching the importance of breathing and yoga poses to help with reducing stress and anxiety and build self esteem. I highly recommend Johanna!"  


"Johanna is a fantastic yoga instructor and I really miss practicing with her!! She knows and is excellent at giving you a personal experience just for you, even in a room full of other people. I was blessed to be able to practice with her over the period of a couple years when we both lived in Pennsylvania. She’s fantastic!! 



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